Sunday, June 19, 2011

What would you grab if you could only grab 3 things?

I was rereading my About Me and I had put what I would grab if there was a fire. Looking at it, I was thinking what a great prompt it would make! I've always known I'd grab my stuffed clown, she's (even if she looks like a he) been there for me. I know it sounds ridiculous, me being 20 and all. But I won't ever give up my clown. It's the one possession that I will keep refixing over and over again. The reasons why I would grab her, I've had her since I was born, she would "protect" me from all the scary things and the thunder and lighting, I could talk to her when I was mad or angry. The other two things would be my iPod and cellphone. My iPod because I can't go anywhere without it. Music is one of the most important things in my life. So automatically my iPod is. Plus it's an iPod it ain't cheap! Then my cell phone because that's the only way people can reach me. We don't have a house phone anymore and it's just my cell phone. That's why I try and bring it everywhere with me because if there's an emergency or I need help, I have my phone right there. Plus I feel naked without it!

If your house caught on fire, what three things would you grab?


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  1. Hi Liz; Unfortunately I had to think of this too recently. Our cabin in Northern New Mexico was under threat of fire. My husband and I tried to get up there but the roads were shut down. All I wanted to do was collect my quilts, especially the one my mom made. Other than that we don't keep anything of value there. Of course quilts are only of value to me! At home, though, I would grab:
    1) All living humans, and the dogs if I could. My kids get mad at me for not putting a "pets inside" sign on the window for firemen. I tell them I will not risk the life of a fireman over a dog.
    2) I keep photos by the front door in boxes, which I am slowly scanning and putting on an online storage system. I would grab those photos and the external hard drive with the pictures scanned so far.
    3) Another quilt my mom made when I was eight years old.
    Everything else is probably a materialistic attachment and could be replaced. I would hate to lose all my art supplies, DVD collection, expensive sterling silver kitchen acessories, etc, but I could slowly rebuild as long as my family is safe, our photo memories are intact and my mom's quilt were with me. If you go to my blog you will see photos of some of the fires to hit New Mexico recently. We od have access to the cabin now and the fire came within 8 miles of it, but it is safe.