Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This is my new blog! I had a wordpress blog (for this exact things) and I got sick of it! Wordpress wasn't doing it for me. In this post, I'm just going to sum up my posts from the old blog:
  • Where I go to get inspired-google. I google Art Journals and get a ton of blogs up (which is how I find them all!) then I just look through and get inspired by all the wonderful things I see.
  • I recently (like a month ago) came home from school and I've had a lot of time on my hands, which is why I started this up again (I've had multiple blogs before but I just can't keep track of them! Which will change!). I'm going to try and post at least once a week. I'll be working two jobs this summer, so I won't have as much free time as I would like on here. But I will post at least once!
  • I found this on Daisy Yellow, it's an index-card-a-day. Pretty much each day you draw, paint, ink, write, doodle; onto an index card for June, July, and August. You're supposed to start before June 15. I plan on trying this out. I haven't started it yet. I've been pretty busy, but it's a great idea! I might even do it throughout the fall semester and spring semester! It seems like a good idea to document my experience at the new school. Here's the link to check it out Index-Card-A-Day. I think with all the cards I collect, I'm going to put them onto a a this. It'll be cool to have a box of these, after doing them every couple of months!
  • I recently added Sassafras to my lovely links. Looking upon her website, I noticed she had a 101 in 1001 days. It's a list of things that you want to accomplish in 1001 days. I think it's a fantastic idea and have written one myself. Check it out under the 101 in 1001 days!
  • There will be tutorials, prompts, images of my journals, etc on here. Once I get it all in tip top condition. It'll probably take me a couple days. I had today off, but I've been doing other things. Then I work tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. It'll all be up soon! I'm so excited! If there's anything you want to see, just let me know!
  • The Sketchbook Project-Pretty much you get a blank sketchbook, that is after you pay the $25, you have to sign up before October 31 of this year. So once you finish signing up, you'll get sent a blank sketchbook. You're able to do whatever you want with the sketchbook. It has to remain the same width I think. I'm not entirely sure what the rules are. If you go to the lovely links and look for the Sketchbook Project, it'll take you to the website for it. The cool thing is that once you send it back on January 31, 2012, it'll go on tour in April. There's a map of where it will go. I'm just excited that it gets to travel around the U.S. then it'll be a permanent exhibit in the Brooklyn Art Library! I think it's an awesome thing that I've wanted to be apart of. Soon I will!

    That's all for now! I hope everyone has a fantastic couple of days!
    Until next time!
    Liz <3

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